Greetings! My name is Karin, I'm the owner of The McDowell Photography Project located here in Western NC. 

I picked up my Mom's film camera when I was 12 years old. It quickly became my obsession to go through rolls of film as if they were free… thanks, Mom! After my parents realized that I had an insatiable appetite for photographing, they gifted me with a point-and-shoot digital camera for Christmas and access to the family computer for editing purposes. Every 30 seconds of the next 3-4 years of my life were documented with mostly photos of my friends, my neighborhood, and my pets.

After I graduated from Brevard College with a minor in photography, i knew it was time to step up my game if I really wanted to do this as a career. I majored in Wilderness Leadership and Experiential Education and with the help and patience of my great professors, I was able to weave photography into nearly every outdoor endeavor in which I was involved.

The McDowell Photography Project was officially born in 2013. McDowell is a family name that was once planned to be donned upon me until I exited my mother’s womb as a girl and not a boy… a story for another time. the name has always stuck with me and it seemed respectful to give it a proper place in my life.  This website is just another tool that allows me to promote the work that is my life and my joy: photographing people doing exactly what they love to do. 

It is in those moments that we are sharing in our passions.