A 1st to Remember / by Karin Strickland

The first of November came with a sweet surprise of snow. I woke up, winced as my feet hit the cold wood floor, peered out the window and saw a quiet white scene. It was a pleasant surprise to see a snow forecast actually come to fruition. 

My dear friend, Kim, and her 4 legged sidekick Bay, joined myself and Ca$h for a snow day adventure to the Blue Ridge Parkway. Since winter weather was in the forecast, the parkway was shut down and turned into the most incredible white playground. We walked the icy road and the dogs tumbled with each other for hours. At times it was difficult to walk against the strength of the wind gusts but the pristine quality of the natural setting made any adversity worth it. There were a few moments that stood out to me from the day and they seemed worthy to share. Enjoy.

Copyright // Karin Strickland // 2014