Kristen // Michael / by Karin Strickland

Kristen + Michael // March 8th 2015

It was one of those days where everything was just right. Crisp blue skies, warm sunshine, and hints of Spring all added into the beauty of the two people committing their lives and love to one another. Kristen is a dear, long-time friend of mine and my family, and it was my privilege to shoot her wedding assisted by another long-time friend, Tori Steyne. Michael and his friends donned their uniforms for their respective branches of service, while the girls were busy with blow dryers and curling irons. Kristen and Michael were both calm and excited on their wedding day. If you've ever shot a wedding, you know a bride that is not stressed is a treat. Thanks for being so great, Kristen. :)

Their ceremony was intimate and tender, their deep rooted love for one another was vibrant and compelling. Every moment was worthy of a capture. 

Here are a few of my favorite moments from the day.

All my love and well wishes to you two, and thank you Michael for your service to this country.