A Day with Dad / by Karin Strickland

My dad has a knack for finding some unique and gorgeous places. He enjoys "getting lost" in hopes of finding something great. He stumbled upon Cataloochee Ranch close to 20 years ago and started to take myself and my sisters up there for getaways. I have fond memories of sledding in the snow down hills that were totally extreme in my childish perception. Looking back at the time we spent sitting around a dinner table with people we just met, waking up to a huge fire in a homey atmosphere, and trotting down a mountain side on the back of a horse, I realize what incredible moments we had there together. 

My dad and I recently went back to visit for a night, that being the first time we had been to the ranch in at least 6 years. We drove in on their gravel driveway, past the stables, and began to reminisce. After we got settled into our cozy quarters, we went out and began to hike the property as the glorious evening light started to settle in the crevices of the surrounding mountains. Our route was nothing intricately planned, but rather just us two wandering about seeking places we had never seen on the property before. What our eyes were greeted with was something words cannot describe… so you should check out the photos! 


Copyright // Karin Strickland // 2014